Re-upholstery of an antique chair - part one

Interior of antique chair

After taking off the top fabric, I was confronted with an interior that had to be changed. It was not unexpected as in most upholstery jobs of antique chairs one is always confronted with some surprises.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback supporting my upholstery business

before after upholstery

Got a call from a customer to re-upholster his dining room chairs as well as the table top of a cocktail table as his puppies did some damage to it. Having had a Rottweiler myself, I knew immediately what the damage was.

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Upholstery Fabrics by Quadrille

Upholstery with Quadrille Fabric

Some nice accent upholstery fabrics from Quadrille. The upholstery fabrics comes in six colorways, material is available also for wallpaper and in sun-cloth as an outdoor fabric. Fabric Content:

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One Simple Cube = Many possibilities !

open cube

modular cube Modulare 2-Sided Open Cube - Dark Finish

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