How we measure for upholstery fabric

measure yardage for sofa or chair upholstery

Enclosed a schematic of a sofa which shows, how we measure concerning fabric needs for our upholstery jobs. That way our customers can be sure that the fabric selection will fit perfectly
All measurements are all way's approximate because each upholstery job is handcrafted. On multi-pillow styles, inside depth is measured from front edge of upholstery to front of pillows.

Sofa Schematic for measuring fabric needs






Sofa (long – 92") 23 yards Dining Chair (arm) 4 yards
Sofa (medium – 82") 20 yards Dining Chair (host) 5 yds
Sofa (small – 72") 18 yards Ottoman (large/skirted) 4 yards
Loveseat (60") 14 yards Ottoman (medium) 3 yards
Chair (large) 10 yards Ottoman (small) 2.5 yards
Chair (wood frame) 6 yds Headboard (king) 10.5 yards
Dining Chair (side) 3 yds Headboard (queen) 8 yards

The following chart may be used to determine the amount of additional fabric required for furniture in which the fabric has a repeat or has a width that is less than 54".

Fabric Yield Chart

Fabric Width

0" – 13" Repeat

13.01" – 27" Repeat

Over 27" Repeat

54" 20% 33% 4 yards
48" – 50" 30% 45% Please request quote
36" 105% 115% Please request quote