Wallupholstery with Fabric

Wall-Upholstery with Fabric - set Accents

To feel good in your own for walls - That means for some to relax and rest, for others to be creative and being active. One can connect both together. Walls are very inviting to be creative, and they influence the feel good and sense of living. Next to Paint or Wallpaper there is the beautiful possibility to enhance Walls with Fabric and give every room a beautiful atmosphere.

Wall upholstery with fabric
Wall upholstery with fabric

Wall Upholstery with Fabric

Accent Wall - done with a nice Contrast Fabric

Elegant and comfortable

Wall-coverings with fabrics look very chic. Already in the 16th. Century, Walls were covered in Leather or Fabric, a sign of Elegance and Wealth.
Especially in the time of Baroque, Wall coverings in Palaces were done with fabric.
In today's time, qualified experts like Upholstery by Hilandesign have the necessary Know How, to translate this kind of work in successful projects
For the Wall-upholstery with fabrics one can use heavy or light fabrics. The selection of materials and colors is limitless. The choice of material can be cotton, silk or linen. This is more a personal taste and is guided by the color fastness, design, or fabric material.
If this is being taking care one can have a long time pleasure with the result. One can match the Draperies, Valances or Furniture materials with the colors of the Wall upholstery so the result is a very harmonic picture which gives every room a special feel..

Benefits of Wall upholstery with Fabrics

Upholstered walls with fabric are not only decorative and comfortable, they have a lot of other advantages too:

  • Fabrics will not rip, even if the walls are getting older and develop cracks
  • Uneven walls and cracks can be covered so they are not visible any more
  • Fabric on the walls improve acoustics and climate, absorb noise and humidity
  • If Wall upholstery has an additional lining, the Wall upholstery will be thermally insulating and noise insulating
  • Easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner
  • When a renovation is due, fabric panels can be removed

Upholstery by Hilandesign are professionals in the matter of Wall upholstery. The covering of walls with fabrics is a typical expert work done by us.